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ENJOY! is currently offering:  FLIPIN’ Cornhole and its accessories, Sylder Football, Full Size Cornhole Boards, Junior (tailgating) Size Cornhole Boards, Outdoor Beverage Stands, Replacement Corn Bags (FLIPIN’ 1×1, Junior 3×3, and Full Size 6×6″), Stickers, Wooden Ducks and Talavera Wall Art.



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  1. Betsy Moyers says:

    I would like to purchase the tabletop shuffle board, do you have this in stock?

  2. Joey nichols says:

    How much is the bounce shuffleboard?
    Shipped to 37914?

  3. Meichelle Hoyt says:

    Mr Black – Do You Have an E-Mail or Facebook Page That I Can Submit an Inquiry for an Order? Thank You In Advance.

  4. Meichelle Hoyt says:

    I Apologize Just as I Hit The Post Comment Tab Mr. Black I Noticed There Indeed Is an E-Mail Address For You.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will you be in the Ann Arbor Art Fair

  6. jacqueline funk says:

    want to order a board and bags for xmas gift. How much time do I need before ordering? What would you advise for a Duke board-Laminated? I could not find an order form. Thanks Jacqueline Funk

  7. Lisa Hurlock says:

    I would like to get two orders of the Baltimore Orioles cornhole bags. Do not see them listed but when I seen you at Ocean City Sunfest you had ran out. Please let me know if I can get them. They will be a Christmas gift. Thank you.

  8. Virginia Weber says:

    I was at Ocean City Sunfest. I ordered 2 premiums Black/Harvest DK Green/white and 2 Hoops 4 Lt Blue Bags and 4 Turquoise. I got the 2 premiums the other week already. I was wondering when the 2 Hoops were coming. My oder sheet #921593 I am still waiting for the cost for shipping call.
    1038 ELWOOD ST
    NARVON PA 17555



    Sorry for the wrong email address

    Ed and Judy Black
    Akron OH

  9. April says:

    Purchased the Flypin Cornhole boards at a festival a couple of weeks ago and they informed us, after the purchase, that the bolts to fit the flippers weren’t able to be there in time. We were asked for our information so they could be mailed that very first Monday. Nearly 3 Mondays later and we have no bolts, nor a response to our email inquiry. I’ve got $45 in cellophane that I can’t use and I’m extremely disappointed!

  10. I purchased the Flipin Cornhole board with holes at each end yesterday at Holiday Mart in KC, MO. Looks like fun and think my grown kids and grandkids would enjoy. However, when we opened it we couldn’t see how to put it together. The one small page instruction doesn’t show it. My husband and I think something is missing, or maybe we got one that wasn’t finished? There is no way to slide or put the two ends on the tracks to set it up. Please advise.

    P.S. I talked a friend into buying three of these for Christmas presents, and I’m worried hers may have the same issue.

  11. So sorry about my previous email! I’ve figured out how to put mine together now. It’s going to be great!

  12. Jennie Crist says:

    To whom this may concern,
    I purchased the Flipin Cornhole on October 13th thru this website, and have not received it as of yet. The only confirmation I have received is from Paypal at the time of purchase. I spoke to Edward Black on Friday, October 21st, and was told, he was in the airport, heading home and that his daughter was getting married that Sunday. He also told me when he got home he would take a look at my order and get back with me, it is now November 2nd and I am still waiting for that call.
    I called again yesterday, November 1st, left a message and a return number,I have not heard from anyone. The purchase was a birthday gift for the 28th of October, and thought 15 days ahead was plenty time to get it, but now its been 20 days, still nothing. I was actually thinking of ordering another one for a Christmas gift depending on the reaction I got from the first one ordered, but now I am very concerned as to whether it would be received in time or not.
    I would greatly appreciate a response from anyone letting me know exactly when I can expect my purchase.
    Thank you, Jenn

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